Ordering Products

Ready-to-order products for standard installations are available as listed below. However Standfast must confirm TRAM products are properly applied to your fall protection application, so please contact Standfast or your TRAM representative with questions or for information on how to order standard or custom TRAM units, accessories, mount blocks/hardware or spare part kits.

A customer order form is also available if you wish to submit that via email or fax.  Click here for that form.

Otherwise, if you wish, fill out the form below, click “submit” and a sales representative will be in touch within the next business day to discuss your fall protection needs.


ISO TRAM consists of a rail-mounted TRAM unit fixed to a transportable frame especially designed for fitting onto ISO containers The frame is lifted into place by a light forklift and then locked into position at the ISO connections. It can be supplied with or without a ladder or walkway.


Fixed Base TRAM (or FBT) consists of a pivoting TRAM arm without a TRAM Rail and is designed to protect the operator during access and egress from a ladder to a platform where movement by the operator along a rail is not required. These units come in left handed or right handed configurations.

FIXED BASE TRAM with Rotating or Extended Rotating Arm

Fixed Base TRAM with rotating and extended rotating arms give the operator the access and egress benefits of the FBT but increase the size of the work area the operator can access or allow the operator to rotate the arm out of their way while performing tasks.

Additional product information, drawings and photos can be found in the TRAM Product Catalog.