Tank Truck Fall Protection

When Might an Accident Occur?

The thing is, you never really know. Standfast TRAM keeps your workers and your company safe, always.

Get Your Workers Home Safe

Eliminate the Risk of Falls Completely

Our TRAM (Total Restraint Access Module) expertise has allowed us to create a fall protection product that goes above and beyond. When your workers are attached to a Standfast TRAM, they completely eliminate the possibility of a fall, keeping them protected, making their work easier, and getting them home safe so they can continue doing the job they're best at, without worrying about their safety.

Our systems are specifically designed to make falls impossible during the riskiest part of the job - the move from platform to ladder and back again - as well as keeping workers safe throughout the course of the job. We offer state-of-the-art systems for both fixed-space and in-motion needs, and have outfitted everything from center dome tankers to complex mining equipment with our TRAM systems. If falls are a risk, we've got what it takes to keep your workers safe, and your bottom line unharmed.

Affordable, Effective, Unmatched

The average cost of a fall to a company is over $2 million dollars. Not to mention the damage done to the reputation and morale of your company when a worker is severely injured, or even dies on the job. Especially when the fall that caused the damage could have been prevented with a very feasible investment. Keeping your workers - and your company - safe doesn't have to eat into your profits. Your trucks, tankers, and mining machinery can be outfitted with our fall-proof TRAMs starting from $2999.

Designed so they can easily be retrofitted onto your existing equipment, or installed by the OEM before they even enter your fleet, the Standfast TRAM system makes safety a breeze. We pride ourselves at staying at the forefront of our industry, working with doctors, physical therapists, engineers, and end users to develop the best, safest, and most ergonomic system out there. While others offer fall arrest systems, to halt a fall once it's already begun (which still puts your workers at a risk for injury when the sudden stop occurs), we're the only full fall prevention safety module on the market.

Get Your Peace of Mind

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