TRAM – Total Restrain Access Module - Fall Protection

TRAM is a unique height safety system that is simple to use, provides the operator with full mobility and yet completely prevents the user from falling to another level.

While other height safety systems will arrest a free fall, they can expose the user to suspension trauma or the risk of hitting obstacles while falling. TRAM overcomes this safety issue while also reducing the likelihood and consequence of a fall on the same level.

There have been no fatalities and no injuries reported by organizations using TRAM.

The system has prevented falls that would have otherwise resulted in serious injury or death.

TRAM Protects During Access and Egress

Statistics show that the transfer between the ladder and the platform or walkway (access and egress) is particularly hazardous for those working at height. As well as preventing falls on the platform or walkway, TRAM provides protection for the user when making the transition between the ladder and the platform or walkway. No other safety system in the world provides this level of protection. When connected to a TRAM, you can not fall.

An Ideal System of Stability, Mobility and Restraint

The TRAM arm raises and lowers with the assistance of a gas piston. This aids the user in platform access and egress, as well as when changing between standing and squatting positions while working. The arm acts as a moving handhold, providing stability for the user on the platform. While properly connected to the TRAM, the user can conduct their work efficiently, safe in the knowledge that they can not fall.

Low Access Tram

The Low Access TRAM, specially designed for the tank truck industry (single dome trailers), creates a wider range of motion to assist the operator. It has a fixed-based and allows users to access it at only 4FT.

Advantages of TRAM

  • Robust components that require little maintenance
  • Designed by experts in the fields of ergonomics and engineering and is certified and tested to international standards
  • Cost effective

TRAM v. Fall Arrest Systems

  • All fall arrest systems allow workers to drop while the fall is arrested. There is a very high risk of trauma through impact with hazards below.
  • Fall arrest systems are subjected to much greater loads as vertical fall is arrested. The total load on the static line system is much greater than the loads on a travel restraint system.
  • Fall arrest systems include the use of energy absorbers and full body harnesses to attenuate the fall forces transmitted on to the worker. However, victims fall greater distances as the energy absorber is deployed.
  • When a worker falls on a static line system the cable trolley will slip along the cable to the midpoint of the cable span. This effect increases the risk of impact as the person falling may be traveling horizontally, as well as dropping vertically, during the fall.
  • After a fall, all static line systems must be taken out of service until they are inspected and re-certified. Costly repairs are not covered by manufacturer’s warranty.
  • Pop-up guardrails are typically 35.4″ (900mm) and lower than the center of gravity of most workers. They are therefore unlikely to prevent a worker falling over them if they lose their balance or are struck by a foreign object.
  • Guardrails do not prevent a fall on the same level.
  • Floor/deck-mounted horizontal lifeline systems (HLL) can snag and accelerate a fall on the same level.
  • Overhead HLL systems can snag and suffer from trolley hang-ups.
  • Falls with HLL can cause suspension trauma.

Certification and Testing

The TRAM range of products has been tested to and conforms with the relevant fall restraint and fall arrest testing requirements of:

  • ANSI/ASSE Z359.1
  • EN795
  • AS/NZS 1891.1

TRAM® is engineered to meet the safety requirements in a diverse range of industries.

  • Road Transport Vehicles
  • ISO Containers
  • Rough Terrain Cranes
  • Telescopic Boom Cranes
  • Single Dome Tankers
  • Milk Trucks
  • Mining Equipment
  • Asphalt Trucks
  • Vaccum Trucks
  • Agricultural Feeders
  • Water Trucks

TRAM can be implemented anywhere and customized to your exact needs. The typical construction contains the TRAM, rail, end stops and mount blocks.