ISO Containers

ISO TRAM Fall Protection System is specifically designed to protect those working on ISO containers. The system consists of a rail-mounted TRAM unit fixed to a transportable frame. The frame is lifted into place by a light forklift and then locked into position at the ISO connections. It can be supplied with or without a ladder and walkway.

The risk of a fall from an ISO tank container is well-documented, with the transfer from the ladder to the top of the tank being the most dangerous aspect of the operation. Tank containers are often accessed from a road trailer, which can be 13’ (4m) above the ground. The TRAM system provides fall restraint or arrest protection as well as an integrated, adjustable handhold for both stability and confidence during rigging, setup and maintenance.

Primary ISO Tank Container Hazards

  • Ascending and descending a vertical ladder
  • Transferring between ladder and top of tank
  • Environmental conditions

ISO TRAM is the only system in the world that protects the user while transferring from the ladder to the top of the tank. When connected to ISO TRAM, you cannot fall.

Certification and Testing

The TRAM range of products has been tested to and conforms with the relevant fall restraint and fall arrest testing requirements of:

  • ANSI/ASSE Z359.1
  • EN795
  • AS/NZS 1891.1

Additional information is available upon request.