About Us


What drives us, above all else, is keeping your workers, and your company, safe. We've heard it all - from falls with miraculously minor injuries to deaths on the job - and knowing that these things are preventable has driven us to create a unique system that makes that prevention, that safety, a reality for countless workers, tanker fleets, and mining operations.

History and Mission

In February of 1999, Standfast was formed, operating with one mission: to develop the best height safety products on the world market. Achieving this took time, and a serious dedication to the research and development phase of our business. We partnered with respected industry experts and brought in leaders in safety and physiology in order to develop something that, in every possible facet, worked, without fail. In January of 2004, our first commercial product sold. Since then, we've worked to face safety challenges plaguing the world's largest organizations with ingenuity and an abiding attention to each and every detail that keeps your workers safe.

Creating the world's only full fall prevention height safety system, our technology and expertise has allowed us to work with some of the best organizations out there. With players like BP, Shell, Exxon Mobil, Chevron Texaco, Caltex, Boral, and Orica on our client list, it's easy to see where our commitment to worker safety meets the highest standards out there. We have expanded globally, featuring offices in the United States as well as Australia, Europe, UK, and Asia. With continued growth and exciting new product development opportunities ahead, we are thrilled to go boldly into the future of height safety and remain at the forefront of our industry.


Standfast TRAM would be nothing without our values. From top to bottom in our organization, we are committed to showcasing these qualities, and leading with them in each step we take as a business, and, quite frankly, as individuals:

  • Safety First - obviously, safety is the reason we do what we do, but ensuring it is front and center every step of the way is paramount here at Standfast TRAM.
  • Customer-Driven Innovation With Quality - Innovating without our end user in mind isn't really worth much to us. Innovation for the sake of innovation doesn't help YOU and your company, your workers, find safer ways to work and uncover the business opportunities that go along with that increased safety. When we innovate, we focus on what that means for you, our customers, and how our products and advocacy in the safety industry will impact you, and your bottom line.
  • Respect - This means for each other, for you, and for every step of our process. We don't cut corners, because your safety is at risk if we do.
  • Integrity - We take what we do seriously, because we have seen its impact firsthand, and that's more than enough to get us out of bed in the morning every single day.
  • Team Work - It takes more than one person to make something like this happen. It takes a team, across many areas of expertise and the entire research, development, and production process. We focus on working together, knowing that the whole is much greater than the sum of its parts.