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Customer Testimonials - StandFast Fall Protection Systems

Customer Testimonials

“We are delighted to be working with Standfast and the TRAM in the portable tank industry.  Many of our larger customers are requiring fall protection on the ISO containers and the TRAM is by far the safest and now the easiest to fit.  Our engineers have worked along Standfast and have been able to incorporate the system into different ISO designs.  The system has been working very well in Europe and we are now excited to offer this into the ISO industry in the US.  Initial reaction from customers and EH&S supervisors has been great.  TRAM offers protection wherever the tank is used domestically, and can be unbolted if the tank ships overseas and then used on other tanks.”

Russell Harrison
Tank Service, Inc.

“As service manager here at Frontier, I am very impressed  at the ease and efficiency of installing the Tram System. We have installed the systems on truck mounted units as well as transport units, and found each to be relatively easy to install. We were very surprised at how ergonomic this system actually is.  In the  twenty years that I have been in the tank industry, I have watched safety become an integral part of the business, and believe this system will become an industry standard in the future.  Likewise, our customer is very satisfied with the system and its operation thus far.”

John Mohn, III
Service Manager
Frontier Tank Center, Inc.

Customer Base

Our customer base speaks for itself. Organizations such as BP, Shell and Terex choose our products to protect their employees working at heights. The Standfast Group has expanded globally, with reach around the world. With continued growth and exciting new product development opportunities ahead, we look forward to helping more people around the world to get home safely.