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Tank Truck OEM’s Admit to Dangerous Working Conditions

Recently at Tank Truck week, we noticed big yellow stickers near the ladders of the major Tank Truck OEMs and became curious.

The “solutions” provided by the OEMs themselves are untested, customized, and expensive while providing no real fall protection to the user. Not only are these “check the box” safety solutions expensive, they don’t even cover the most dangerous part of working atop the tank, the transition from ladder to the elevated work area and back. Not only does the TRAM safety system cover the transition period, it also provides total fall prevention atop the tanker at all times at a feasible price.

Tank Truck Drivers are becoming harder to find and keep, by offering an actual safety system like the TRAM, you can provide your drivers a guarantee they’ll be looked after while working at height. While Tank Truck OEMs are simply trying to cover their liability to lawsuits, while offering a dangerous and expensive alternative, Standfast TRAM is offering total protection at reasonable prices.

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