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The Fall…

Working a tank truck is a grueling job with large hours and even larger physical demands over the duration of a haul. Certain drivers will be required to climb atop their trailers 4 (four) or more times a day. Speaking with drivers at trade shows and hearing some of their stories points out to a few things we’ve noticed.

  • Most drivers arrive at their drop-off after a drive of more than 3 hours.
  • Blood circulation has been shown to cutoff after sitting in a fixed position for only 1 hour.
  • Most drivers are required to do some form of a freight checklist upon arrival, including climbing atop the trailer.
  • Our studies have shown more than 70% of all falls occur during access/egress (climbing up, and or dismounting the ladder).

All of these can be factors which can lead to a calamitous fall which can not only threaten the safety of your drivers, but in many cases the livelihood of the stakeholder businesses.

This is why the need for height safety equipment is so paramount in the industry. We often hear about falls, both fatal and life altering as gossip, with stories being traded around in hushed tones at industry events. The issue at hand is real, and while OSHA/DOT may take their time in pushing regulation changes, the best solution is to be proactive.

We recently identified a fatal fall from 2014 that details how even a simple unloading on a picturesque day can turn into a nightmare, and that’s why height safety solutions can be your best friend in 2016 and beyond.

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